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Keygen Synology Camera License Pack | Updated 3




It is also referred to as SUT, for surveillance . A license pack is the device for recording and controlling . A license pack includes its own disk drive, microcontroller, SD card adapter and other needed hardware. When it comes to a license pack, it is a subset of a license . The license pack is able to identify itself and operate without user intervention . License packs can communicate with other license packs via Bluetooth, WiFi or wireless infrared transmission. License packs can be controlled by a surveillance management software through RS232 or TCP/IP network interface. This software will check the license packs to identify if they are connected to the network, open the contact information of the devices and save the configuration to the device. Then, by connecting to the network, the device will show up on the network and the management software can manage the devices through the surveillance management software. In order to use a license pack, the user should register the specific license pack to the management software first. License packs can be registered through serial number, MAC address, QR code or label. If the license pack is registered, the user will be able to see the management software's view of the network. The system is composed of the following components:  1. The license pack is the hardware device, to identify the user and be controlled by the management software. 2. A network interface performs the communication of the license packs, management software and the cloud. 3. A controller routinely controls the operation of the license packs. 4. The management software is the software to manage the license packs. 5. The cloud stores the configuration of the license packs. 6. The other party is the device that is controlled by the license pack. 7. The SD card reads and writes data to the disk drive of the license pack. 8. The Bluetooth module connects the license packs, network interface and the management software. 9. The WiFi module connects the license packs and network interface. 10. The transmission module generates a transmission signal that transmits the data between the license packs. 11. The IR




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